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Volunteer NOW with Dignity Dreams

Join the teams from Volunteer Now and Dignity Dreams on Saturday 26th February 2022 as we pack pads and work together to bring an end to period poverty. 

Dignity Dreams pads are fully washable – an important product in the green economy,
one pad is equivalent to 144 disposable pads over the 48 month period that they last.  Dignity Dreams Packs provide comfort to women and girls ensuring that when entering womanhood, it is a time of joy and celebration rather than a time of shame and pain.

    Space is limited and booking is essential.
To book please send an email to Ashleigh 

    Saturday 26th February, 09h00 – 12h00.
    Volunteer Now is at Ei8ht, 3rd Floor
The Children’s Memorial Institute,
corner Hillside and Empire Road, Parktown

Everyone is welcome.
   This activity is indoors, please wear comfortable clothing and
bring a snack and refreshments
   COVID Protocols apply
   • There will be a register when you sign in
                     • Please wear a mask at all times
                     • Please sanitise your hands regularly
                     • Be mindful of social distancing
All volunteers that attend this event will be gifted a Volunteer Now Membership Voucher – one year FREE membership on the Volunteer Now Platform
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