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Father&son pledge

As a father I am compelled to challenge other fathers to commit to teaching their sons the value of women, but more importantly to teach them that women are our equals. Through this public pledge in a video with my son, I encourage fathers to join this commitment. If your son or sons are older, we still need fathers and sons to stand together and commit to the same pledge. Toxic masculinity is a problem. I believe fathers and sons need to have constructive role modelling in their daily conversations and actions. We should hold each other accountable and even if it starts in your own immediate community, this but one way. We need fathers and sons to stand together. We need to stop Gender Based Violence.
How does it work?
   1. Create a video with your son or sons and publicly pledge that you will teach or play your part against GBV.
Post it on our Heycyril page on our Facebook or on your platform with #fatherson #fatherspledge #heycyril
Challenge other fathers to do the same.

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