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Train your child’s brain at Curro’s Coding and Robotics Boot Camp: 1st and 2nd October 2021

Coding is the new literacy and introducing your child to this new digital language is key to their future success. With that in mind, Curro will be hosting free Coding and Robotics Boot Camps at four of its schools. The two-day boot camps will take place on 1st and 2nd October 2021 and are free to Grade 7 learners from any school in the Western Cape and Gauteng. The four schools that will host the sessions include Curro Foreshore (WC), Curro Delft (WC) and Curro Jewel City and Curro New Road in Gauteng.

Technology is a significant part of every child’s life today but the next step, beyond interacting with technology, is to learn how to create it. Instead of just playing a game, learners must learn how to make one themselves and it is this that the Boot camps will cover.

Boot campers will be taught by highly qualified teachers how to build robotics kits, problem-solve, engage with drones while also teaching them algorithm-coding and applying advanced mathematics and science. The course is introductory level and is open to anyone in Grade 7, even if they have not been exposed to coding or robotics before.

The key take-away for Boot campers is to help them acquire essential sub-skillsets such as complex problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, people management and coordinating via teamwork, emotional intelligence, and decision-making, among others.

While computer literacy is a given in today’s times, it is this new cohort of sub-skillsets that will be essential, and a given, in the future. This includes learning to collaborate. Understanding coding encourages teamwork as learners need to work alongside their peers and share what they have learned with their teachers and peers. In turn, this helps develop their softer skills as well as their leadership capacity.

Aspects learned during the coding process can also be applied to other areas of a learner’s life. For instance, young coders will learn computational thinking which helps them develop thought processes. This then allows them to identify any errors and solve them fast, a skill that can be applied to many different life circumstances.
“Our Boot camps are being run so as to make a difference in our communities, and to give every Grade 7 an opportunity to attend. It is essential for our next generation of leaders to have these critical new skillsets and develop their mindsets to be ‘future ready’” comments JP Le Roux, Executive Head: Curro Foreshore.

The Coding and Robotics Boot Camps are free to attend but as space is limited booking is essential. Certificates will be handed out and fantastic prizes are up for grabs.

To attend the boot camp at Curro Delft, please register here or contact the school on tel: 087 087 7700 or email: info.delft@curro.co.za. To register for Curro Foreshore’s boot camp, please click here or contact the school on tel: 087 087 7597 or email: info.foreshore@curro.co.za.

To attend the boot camp at Curro New Road, please register here or contact the school on tel 087 087 7600 or email: info.newroad@curro.co.za. To register for Curro Jewel City’s boot camp, please click here or contact the school on tel: 087 087 7960 or 062 139 3881 or email: info.jewelcity@curro.co.za.

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