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Teaching students to seek passion and authenticity in a dynamic world

MANCOSA private higher education institution is hosting virtual monthly soft skills sessions, start-up workshops and a range of speaker series to encourage and inspire students and graduates to take their career to the next level notwithstanding the impact of the Covid pandemic on the international economy. 

Prominent leaders from various fields will provide students and graduates with practical tools and tips to successfully improve their employability and progress in their chosen career through a series of webinars.

Dr Nirmala Reddy, a Strategy Specialist: Enterprise and Supplier Development at Nedbank who has extensive experience in community development, focusing on alleviating poverty and job creation, is the next speaker.

Reddy’s presentation will be streamed on Tuesday 31 May 2022 at 13h00. In her virtual webinar, she will advise students on tips and tools to empower one to remain passionate and motivated in a dynamic work environment.

Lutfiya Adam, Director of Human Resources and Employability at MANCOSA, said: “MANCOSA’s Employability initiatives provide students with diverse opportunities to improve 21st century workplace skills.

“In an ever-changing environment, it is vital for students and graduates to embark on a lifelong learning journey and engage in activities that boost innovation, explore critical thinking, enhance collaboration and aid personal and career growth.

“I encourage MANCOSA students and graduates to attend the employability webinars and also look out for placement opportunities, internships and mentorship programmes,” said Adam.

Responding to what drives employability at MANCOSA, Martha Moyo, Regional Director at MANCOSA, said: “Employability at MANCOSA has been framed by looking at what transferrable skills the industry is looking for. The students benefit from master classes conducted by industry experts to hone their employability skills and make them more attractive to prospective employers. 

“Whether it is the initial leap from formal education to a job for school leavers, to obtain a promotion or to switch employers, the employability initiatives at MANCOSA have been designed to cater for the different needs of the student base,” said Moyo.

MANCOSA opens the live virtual webinar to students and the public. However, if you are not a MANCOSA student, please enter ‘external’ in the student number field.



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