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Social TV & the 2021 Stratus Awards For Cloud and Platforms

The Business Intelligence Group has worked for over 16 years with businesses and incredible companies in the cloud industry such as, Apixio, Applied Technologies, Hitachi, Nintex, Nice in Contact among many others. We would love to have you be part of our community and our many success stories.

Who is Eligible to Apply?

All organizations

Individuals (leaders of industry)

Open to any part of the world

Any company size: Start Up, Small Business. Enterprise

What are the categories?

Artificial Intelligence

Autonomous & Unmanned Vehicles










Infrastructure as a Service



Managed Service Provider

Mobile Cloud Provider

Platform as a Service

Private Cloud Provider

Public Cloud Provider

Software as a Service

Storage Technology


When is it due and when will winners be announced?

Due 8/20/21

Winners Will be announced 10/5/21

Entry fee is per submission, per category.

What do Winners Get?

One personalized trophy per winning entry

Digital logo for royalty- free use online and in print for a year.

Business Intelligence Group Issued press release announcing winners

Recognition on the Business Intelligence Website, social media outlets

Deadlines 2021 /2022 Programs :
2021 Sustainability Awards – 7/23/21
2021 Stratus Awards for Cloud- 8/20/21
​2021 PR & Marketing Awards – 9/17/21​
2021 BIG Awards for Business – 10/15/21
2022 BIG Innovation Awards – 11/19/21
2022 Best Places to Work – 12/17/21
2022 Artificial Intelligence  – 1/28/22
2022 Customer Service Awards – 2/25/22
2021 Fortress Cyber Security Awards -​ TBD

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