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Press Info/call to action: Creativity and Ubuntu come together – young artists invited to illustrate the spirit of wealth

According to Ubuntu Invest Founder and CEO, Nelisiwe Masango, “The Spirit of Wealth” is more than just a company slogan. It is rooted in South Africa’s powerful entrepreneurial spirit and the concept of Ubuntu itself – the overarching respect for humanity that is sometimes translated as “I am because you are”.

Masango says, “In hosting this competition, we hope to see South Africa’s new generation of great creative minds emerge and give them a chance to get some valuable exposure on a public platform. The Spirit of Wealth is a sentiment that applies to any South African, whether they are an artist, financial trader, labourer, spaza shop owner or anything else.

“We all have the potential to attain wealth, which isn’t necessarily about monetary value. There is richness in doing what we love every day, in mutual respect, family and anything else that brings us happiness. This is the spirit we would like to see our artists interpret, however they personally envision it”.

To enter, artists must complete their submission using an online form. The competition closes on 30 November 2021 and three winners will be handpicked by Ubuntu CEO, Nelisiwe Masango. Masango concludes, “When I pick the winners, I will be looking for personal pieces that speak to our communal spirit. The mediums the artist employs on paper are entirely up to them. We want to see creativity come to life and provide a chance for our local talent to shine”.

We would appreciate if you could speak to Nelisiwe about this fabulous opportunity.

Is this something that you are interested in?

To find out more about Ubuntu Invest, visit https://www.ubuntuinvest.com/.

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