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Nominate a “Change Champion” and they could win R10 000 Cash with Hisense and Hisense Mobile

Change can be scary, but with the right support it can be your foundation to thrive.
Hisense and Hisense Mobile are giving you an opportunity to nominate a Change Champion, a person or organisation who has gone above and beyond to make some positive changes in your home, school, office or community.

Hisense wants you to nominate an individual or organisation, a #ChangeChampion who has done something special in our country. Whether it’s working on the frontline, helping someone find a job, rescuing a dog or bringing joy or help to someone in need, we want to hear about these remarkable people.

If you know of someone who has done something small or big yet epic to help you, others or the country, you can nominate them as a Hisense #ChangeChampion, and they could win R10 000 cash, there will be 8 winners announced on 94.7 and KFM as well as 10 winners announced on Instagram.

How to nominate a #ChangeChampion
Tell us your story on Instagram, tag @hisense and @hellohisene and tell us what great thing your #ChangeChampion has done. The campaign kicked off on 6th September 2021, and will run for eight weeks, ending on 22 October 2021. If you know of more than one amazing #ChangeChampion, you can nominate them too.

For full Ts and Cs, please visit the Hisense website. Here, you’ll also be able to see all the #ChangeChampion nominees.

You can win your share too
We would like to reward you for noticing the good in someone and letting us know about it. Ten South African influencers will each be giving away R10 000 to one of their followers who nominates a #ChangeChampion.

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