HeyCyril is not a fundraising platform. We don’t encourage any exchange of monies, but we encourage idea sharing and resource sharing when it's safe to do so.


We have to constantly ask ourselves how can we make this country better and the truth is each one of us has a role to play. Just like our news platform www.social-tv.co.za covers social impact news in away that has never been covered we thought we would launch a platform that allows people to collaborate with each other. Create something that brings those who have ideas and a resources together. I must stress this is not about money. We all know someone who has fantastic ideas or plans on how to reignite, reboot and reimagine this country all we have created is a platform for them to share it and hopefully find a partner or partners to make it happen.
I need to stress that this is not a fundraising platform for money. This is a collaboration platform. As an example you might have land and don’t know what to do about it, someone might have a project that can teach agriculture to unemployed youth HeyCyril.co.za allows you to collaborate but more importantly find each other. We want people that can reimagine a new South Africa that can help our government think out of the box. It’s clear it will be up to us to help move this boat forward.
At the moment no, we are happy to collaborate or partner with anyone who sees that as a need for a platform like this. Our dream is to not create a bottleneck but a free exchange of resources between responsible parties. Obviously, like all online platforms, we encourage that everyone exercises protection and safety guidelines before engaging and do a due diligence before engaging with anyone. We also discourage exchange of monies but encourage exchange of ideas, projects and resources.
We hope that South Africans who have ideas stop keeping it to themselves but share it. We want our leaders to know we are a country of smart men and women and some of us have pondered solutions for years. We know silos exist but what if we could open ourselves up a little more, create a thriving people and economy because we are all plugged in a little better. We know youth are innovative so let’s see some of their ideas for their community, area or industry and we know what will happen – a stronger South Africa. Siya Kolisi our Springbok captain said we are “Strong together”.
We are currently rolling out a social media campaign to encourage collaboration and idea sharing. I am also asking for support from the strategists and thinkers in the room. I want government and our leaders to see how they can plug into this platform for the people by the people. We want them to know we are millions of active South African citizens who care about the country called South Africa. Majority of us are not leaving this country so we have to fix it.
We know for a fact South Africans have access to resources and these are truly smart people who don’t have equal access. So what if we create solutions and then asked our leaders to the table? What if we truly embraced the idea of stronger together? What if we collaborated to drive our economy and to effect smaller changes in our community? We all agree that we will have to imagine a new normal and a new economy – why can’t this be part of it?
The challenges have been many and with a lockdown now it’s exacerbated the already many issues we have had. Couple that with rampant unemployment, business hanging in the balance the true effects will be felt for many years to come. I think we will see a government proactively driving measures to reignite industries and hopefully using this as a means to level the playing field so we can do business smarter and faster. We also have an opportunity to bring those who have never had a seat at the table closer. We also need to ask South Africans  during this reset what can you bring to the party. If South Africa is truly going to thrive it needs all our brain power and not just a few.
This benefits both public and private sector. This is truly about allowing us the people a voice. Let’s get people thinking about solutions and not just about what they have lost. Yes, we are affected differently and some of us might need a platform to ” idea vent” instead of just venting for the sake of it. In my world I hope we can live by the principle of sharing is caring.
It’s a www.social-tv.co.za initiative. We are constantly looking at ways to contribute to humanity. Our mission is to get people to see themselves as an amazing resource that can fix our immediate problems and challenges. I personally believe in allowing different voices in public spaces. If we want to build an inclusive society we need those different voices and ideas.
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