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E-hailing driver entrepreneurs stand a chance to win one of three cars

Bolt, the e-hailing service used by more than 25,000 drivers in South Africa, has launched its 2021 Bolt Mega Bonus competition in which drivers stand a chance to win one of three VW Polo Vivos, valued at more than R230,000 each. Household goods to the value of R70,000 are also up for grabs. 

The competition will enable three winning drivers to expand their e-hailing microbusinesses, in much the same way that one of the five 2020 competition winners, Njabulo Ncwane has done, since his win last year. “I now own two vehicles, which means I make more money than I did before I won the competition in 2020,” Ncwane says. “I drive one car myself, and I rent the other one out to another driver. Now we are both earning money from driving, and I earn even more from renting a vehicle out.” 

 The 2021 edition has been adapted and split into three sections:

New drivers (who joined the platform after 11 October 2021)

  • Existing drivers
  • Women drivers

Drivers score points according to the number of trips they complete, and the number of five-star ratings received from passengers. Those points are converted into raffle tickets, with the final draw for winners to take place in January 2022, after the 10-week competition. 

 Ncwane offers this advice to drivers participating in the competition: “Work hard and focus on your goals, and you will make it! Driving with Bolt has helped me take care of myself without being stressed, and I meet new people every day that connect me with other opportunities.” 

 “Bolt has created the Mega Bonus competition to show drivers that they can build an income, and even a business, through the platform,” explains Gareth Taylor, regional manager for Bolt in Southern Africa. “Drivers can progress from renting a vehicle to owning one, and from owning one to becoming a fleet owner, and earning extra income from renting their vehicles out. 

 “That’s a great way to earn a living while helping people get where they need to be, safely and affordably,” he says.  

About Bolt

Bolt is the European super-app with the mission to make urban mobility more affordable, safe and sustainable. 

Bolt has 75 million customers in 45 countries across Europe and Africa. The company offers a range of mobility services including ride-hailing, shared cars and scooters, and food and grocery delivery.


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