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CEO of SA Gov Jobs looking at its recruitment management porta

Stats SA has published South Africa’s employment statistics for the fourth quarter of 2021, and at 35.3%, South Africa has among the highest rates of unemployment in the world. This was also the highest level since the start of the Quarterly Labour Force Survey in 2008.

Under the expanded definition which includes discouraged job seekers, the unemployment rate declined to 46.2% from 46.6%. Bokang Mabiletsa, CEO of SA Gov Jobs says, “Even though we shouldn’t celebrate the so-called ‘decline’ in percentage, which is evidently by a tiny margin, it is still worth noting and we should try to keep the momentum. The SA Gov Jobs recruitment management portal was created for all job seekers in South Africa, including those so-called ‘discouraged job seekers’, and aims to mitigate factors that may be regarded as ‘tedious’ when applying for employment in the government sector in particular”.

Bokang is available for interviews to discuss the SA Gov Jobs recruitment management portal, which has a multi-functional role that bridges the gap between South Africans looking for employment in government, and HR departments of over 750 government entities looking to fill positions in their respective departments.


 For the public, the portal:
1. Acts as a one-stop-shop, bringing jobs from over 750 government departments, SOEs, and educational institutions together on one platform, so job seekers avoid having to search the various departments’ websites individually
2. Provides guidance on how to properly complete the required Z83 form
3. Simplifies the search for the latest jobs available in government by breaking them down into sections such as province and departments
4. Uses its seasoned recruitment experts to provide professional career advice and guidance to those in need

For government HR departments, the portal:
1. Allows for access at the back end for employers to log in and easily post jobs, shortlist candidates and perform background checks
2. Is free for all government entities
3. Ensures that applicants’ data is secure, POPIA compliant, and easy to store and access for departments looking for candidates


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