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Allan Gray Orbis Foundation’s Scholarship Programme

With less than 75 days left of the school year, many South African learners and their parents are anxious about what lies beyond 2020. This already difficult time, coupled with our country’s current financial crisis, leaves little room for optimism and confidence that every child may have access to the education they deserve. The Allan Gray Orbis Foundation is committed to not only investing in the education of South African learners, but unlocking their entrepreneurial potential and developing entrepreneurs who are able to build a more resilient economy.

All entrepreneurially-minded Grade 6 learners are invited to apply for the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation’s Scholarship Programme- a programme dedicated to producing confident scholars with entrepreneurial thinking, unlocked potential, leadership qualities, and an understanding of the culture of community and collaboration.

The Programme covers tuition, boarding fees, stationery, textbooks, a monthly allowance, toiletries, uniforms, and casual clothing, as well as support for extra mural activities with a personal development Programme Officer who offers mentorship throughout and post the Programme.

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